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Welcome to GOGO Customs Brokerage

Freight and Logistics in Fremont, California

As a specialist of Freight and Logistics in Fremont, California, we facilitate the delivery and shipment of different kinds of goods from state to state, and country to country for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Transporting large shipments can be a difficult process when you need to get through international borders on your own. However, we offer convenient and hassle-free custom brokerage services to ensure your goods are able to cross borders without problems.

  • We are able to offer our Customs Brokerage Services in California for all kinds of freight. Whether it is air freight, ocean freight, or ground freight, we can assist you.
  • We can help make border entry for your shipments easy and convenient for you by handling the entire process from communicating with the customs officials to ensuring your shipment complies with local regulations.

Services We Offer

It is our mission to expedite and make international trade as easy as possible for you. Since every single country has their own laws and regulations, it can be a hassle to easily manage large shipments going abroad. It is our job to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Air Freight

    Air freight is the fastest way to transport cargo. Typically transit times from port to port range from one to three days.

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  • Ground

    Ground transportation (truck or rail) can be a daunting task, especially when trying to find the right mix of speed and affordability.

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  • Ocean Freight

    Ocean freight is the most economical shipping solution. Transit times from port to port typically range from one to four weeks.

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  • Customs

    Start managing the border entry process by asking us for a free consultation

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Service Areas Covered

We are located in Fremont, California but we are able to offer our services to a large range of different locations all over the country.

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