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5 Common Services to Expect from a Freight Forwarder

5 Common Services to Expect from a Freight Forwarder

Scaling up means that your company is doing good. Of course, that also means that you are delivering your products to a wider area. If your company needs to start delivering products to faraway locations, then it is time to partner with a freight service provider in Freemont, California.

Also called as cargo forwarders, you can trust this service provider to process your business’ cargo and logistics. They offer a number of freight solutions in California suitable for when your company is growing. Some of the services they offer include tracking, warehouse, shipping and exportation documentation, consolidation, and insurance.

  1. Tracking

    The Internet and automation made it possible to track shipments. Cargo companies offer this service to give you peace of mind that your shipment is going to the right place and is delivered on time.

  2. Warehouse

    When it comes to freight and logistics, it is imperative to have a place to store them while they are still being sorted out for delivery. Most cargo companies have warehouses in their service locations, which secures your shipment.

  3. Shipping and exportation documentation

    A forwarder’s expertise is precisely in shipping and exportation. Thus, expect that they know how to handle shipping and exportation documents. They will make things easier for you, especially for freights with international destinations.

  4. Consolidation

    If you total the shipping fee for multiple little packages, you will surely find out just how much money you are wasting. With freight forwarders, you can consolidate these packages to a single shipment.

  5. Insurance

    Cargo companies can help you through insurance claims. They can also give you advice on filing insurance whenever you need to do so.

Cargo companies are essential to your growing business. If you need trustworthy hands to help deliver your cargo, GOGO Customs Brokerage can lend a pair for you. Give us a call so we can take the load off your hands and give you peace of mind.

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