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Comparing Popular Types of Freight Services

Comparing Popular Types of Freight Services

In the age of globalization, being able to transport your products from one point to another is vital. Freight and logistics services have made this possible. This is why it’s important to know and understand your options when it comes to moving your product. To evaluate which one would work best for you, we have listed the most popular options and what they’re best for.

  • Air Freight – This particular service is the quickest way in terms of international shipping. Your goods can get to the designated location in less than a day. It is best for light high-value products that require urgency.
  • Water Freight – It’s typically among the affordable freight solutions in California and the rest of the world. It’s preferred for products of large quantities.
  • Ground Transportation – This is the ideal option for nearby transport. It’s conventional and the choice becomes a matter of flexibility and speed.

Whatever your cargo is, GOGO Customs Brokerage can help you transport them. We are a freight service provider in Fremont, California. We specialize in making sure our clients’ products and goods across international borders securely and efficiently. Our clients don’t have to worry about anything anymore, we have it all covered.

We are open to consultation on your cargo transportation needs. We can help you choose the best freight service option. Contact us today.

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