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The Logistics of Shopping Online


Without a doubt, one of the greatest things mankind has ever done is create the internet. Just about anything is possible online and this has created a huge explosion in online shopping. But have you ever wondered what your item goes through in order to get to your front door? When you purchase something from the internet, you are starting a long logistical process that will require many different kinds of people just to ensure it arrives safely to you.

Here are a few of the basics on the logistics of shopping online:

  • Ordering Your Item

    It all starts when you click pay now. Once you have made your purchase, it will then be shipped off to you but it is much more complicated than it sounds. Once the seller has received confirmation of your payment, they will then send out your item using one of many different shipping companies depending on the shipping options you have chosen.

  • The Logistics

    Once the shipping company receives your item, this is where things can get complicated. Depending on your location, the company will either use a truck, ship, plane, or even a train to get your item to you. Their choice will depend on what shipping service you have selected. Usually, the cheaper options will involve the item being loaded onto a truck with other products going to the same destination.

  • The Vehicles

    If you are ordering an item from another country, your product will have one big adventure. It will usually start on car, brought to a logistical center, and then shipped out using either an airplane or a ship. It will then be handled by a freight service provider. Once it has arrived to your area, it will then be loaded onto another vehicle and brought straight to you. Your package will change hands many times but this is a very smooth process that goes quickly and in many cases you will receive your package in just a few days. However, some areas may take longer due to customs. For example, if your package goes through the West Coast then the shipper may use customs brokerage services in California.

Those are just a few of the basics on what your package goes through once you order it. Find out more about getting services on freight and logistics in Fremont, California by getting in touch with us at GOGO Customs Brokerage.

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