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Understanding Customs Clearance: General Overview


A lot of business owners definitely have dreamed of exporting their products to other countries. They want their products to be known internationally so their companies can also be known worldwide. On the other hand, there are also those businesses that import various commodities from other nations. Typically, importation is done when the resources being imported are scarce in the destination country.

The Process

Every country has its own government agency that handles customs transactions. Different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to customs clearance. So, it is important to engage customs brokerage services in California from those providers who are experienced and well-informed of customs clearance.

Before providers of freight and logistics in Fremont, California can ship the cargoes, they will have to go through customs clearance first. It is a process where a number of documents necessary for facilitating importation and exportation are submitted to the right authority. This process also encompasses examination of the cargoes and payment of the necessary fees, among others.

Overall Costs

You might encounter problems if you entrust your cargo to an inexperienced customs broker. All cargoes that have not been cleared yet are stored inside a warehouse. The cost of storage may be quite high. It will get even higher if the cargo is not shipped immediately due to brokerage issues.

Shipping costs can also add up quickly with every day that the clearance gets delayed. This is the reason why you need to evaluate every freight service provider you wish to handle your cargo and customs brokerage process. Otherwise, this whole situation might end up funneling money away from your business.

Required Documents

Various documents are involved in the process. Documents required for importation are different from those for exportation. Some of the general documents involved are:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Entry
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Supplier’s Sales Invoice
  • Buyer’s Purchase Order

Other documents may also be required by the customs agency depending on the country’s existing regulations.

Tips for a Smoother Customs Clearance

Any business owner surely wants to save themselves from all the troubles and costs resulting from a mishandling of customs clearance. While these may be on the hands of your customs broker, you can also do your part in ensuring that the customs clearance goes smoothly.

  • Make sure that your cargoes and shipping containers are loaded properly so as not to cause red flags in the eyes of the customs agents.
  • Make sure that all documents and necessary information are provided to your broker.
  • Ultimately, choose a reputable broker.

GOGO Customs Brokerage provides you with quality customs brokerage services. Call us today for your customs brokerage needs.

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